We are so excited to welcome you to be a part of our church family. At Desert Springs Church you will experience passionate worship, inspirational messages and real life change.  We know there is a place for you here at Desert Springs Church and we want to invite YOU to be a part of it.

On a Sunday, as you approach the building, you can expect to experience energetic music playing outside and to be greeted by welcoming people in the lobby. There is complimentary coffee as well as specialty coffee available for purchase at our coffee cart, all of which the profits are contributed to missions. 

Most people will be dressed casual, feel free to dress to your comfort level.

Kids and small children have a special service and classrooms for them assigned by age group in our building. They will receive a name tag, and their parent/ guardian will receive a tag that will be matched up for pick up. 

You can expect there to be community in our lobby having conversations before you enter service. Once you enter the service we will start by playing encouraging music, which most people will be singing along to. The lyrics will be shown on the screens. 

Then one of our Pastors will greet the audience on stage, then announcements will be presented, and our regular attenders will be given the opportunity to partner with God and what He's doing not only in our community but around the world. After this, one of our Pastors or a guest speaker will give an inspirational 30-minute talk from the Bible that will relate to life.