Desert Springs Leadership Development is our hands-on ministerial program that includes discipleship, education and team building activities.  Simply put, DSLD is designed to provide practical leadership development to the participants, assisting them in revealing, refining their calling and releasing them into ministry.  Desert Springs Church is a church plant and continues to cast vision for future campuses and leadership development.  The purpose of Desert Springs Church is to help others Connect with God, Grow in biblical community and Go and make a difference.  That same purpose is found in the Desert Springs Leadership Development program. 


DSLD participants will be exposed to day-to-day ministry activities with exclusive insight and participation into leadership and staff processes. They will receive personal mentoring by key leadership and pastoral staff. They will also participate and assist in planning, coordinating and execution of special projects. As part of DSLD, each participant will engage in a gifting analysis. Our program includes leadership development, biblical and practical training as well as a robust evaluation process throughout.


If you are interested in our Leadership Development program, please follow the link below and fill out the form and someone from our staff will contact you.